Mission Services

The Mission provides all the facilities and services available to Qatari National visitors such as instructions and guidance during the emergency and co-ordinating with local hospitals, clinics and doctors to provide excellent medical treatment and care for the Qatari patients.  In addition the Mission provides the following services to the Qatari Nationals:

  • Issuing travel documents in case of loss of passport.
  • Attestation of documents
  • Undertaken
  • Transporting human remains in case of sudden death
  • Health services:  Medical insurance services are not available for foreign nationals in India. 


Visitors Services

The visa services available in the Mission with certain approvals and conditions  Tourism / Employment / Official / Visit.



The Mission office attesting the following documents and certificates:

    Civil Documents:

    • General Authority Power of Attorney
    • Special Authority / Power of Attorney
    • Sponsor Certificate
    • Property Sales Agreement / Deed
    • Property Lease Agreement
    • Mortgate Agreement
    • Insurance Policies


    Personal Documents:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Adoption Certificate
    • Witness to Will
    • Witness to Adolescence
    • Limitation of Succession Certificate
    • Minutes of Will deliver & Ites Disclosure
    • Marriage Agreement (Nikah-Nama)
    • Divorce Certificate
    • Confirmation f No Objection to Marriage
    • Marriage Attestions


    Legal Documents:

    • Delegations / Deputation / Representation
    • Legal documents (Writ, Order etc.)
    • Arbitration Documents


    Educational Documents:

    • Education Certificates
    • Miscellaneous Certificates


    Medical Documents:

    • Medical Fitness Certificates
    • Medical Reports


    Other Documents:

    • Any other document / deed / instrument or
    • Certificate not mentioned above except the Death Certificate and embracement of Islam Certificate