General Information

Information about Mumbai City

Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra,  commercial and port city.  Besides being a commercial centre its is headquarters to several business houses like Tata’s; Ambani’s; Mahindra; Godrej etc., also the headquarters of Indian and foreign banks and multi-national companies and the main centre of the Indian cinema industry in Mumbai known as Bollywood.


Investment and Economy

The city of Mumbai is the commercial city in the Republic of India and the main gateway of India in the western coast, the state of Maharashtra is famous for agriculture cultivation and manufacturing e.g. machinery equipments, construction material, electronic equipment, textiles, garments, spices and grains etc.

The Government of Maharashtra has launched  several initiatives to attract local and foreign direct investment to the State after the Government has implemented a number of reforms like taxes and land acquisition and facilitating number of measures in easy doing business specially in sectors of infrastructure, health, information technology etc.



Indian Society is  a multi-pluralistic society that enjoys absolute freedom in exercising,  practicing beliefs and worshipping as per the Constitution of India.

Hinduism forms the majority, followed by Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism etc.


Cultural & Heritage

There is multi-cultural and tradition in India and this reflects the heritage of each community in terms of practice and performing rites, beliefs and celebration.


People and Politics

The Republic of India consisting of 29 states  and 07 Union Territories have elected Legislatures and Parliamentary system.


Bilateral Relations between the State of Qatar and the Republic of India

The Relationship between the State of Qatar and the Republic of India is historical and old relations witnessing unique and strategical development in all issues of common interest between the two friendly countries.