living advice

  • For travelling to India, one requires to obtain a visa from the Embassy of the Republic of India in Doha.  Visa types are Tourist / Medical / Visit (there is no visa on arrival for Qatari National Visitors)


  • For “Tourist Visa” holders it is not extendable and if the same expires / expired it is an offence and this could lead to questioning by the Security Authorities and even lead to arrest and ‘black list’ to travel to India in the future.


  • For Qatar National seeking medical treatment in India, it requires to obtain a letter from any recognized Hospital or Doctor practitioner to produce to the Indian embassy in Doha to obtain medical visa to travel to India.  On arrival in India it requires to visit the Hospital and obtain a letter for registration with the Department of Foreign Regional Registration Office  (FRRO) within 14 days from arrival day.


  • Indian customs laws prohibit visitors and travellers in all airports and entries in India to carry Indian currency (Indian Rupees) from abroad exceeding Indian Rupees 5,000/- equivalent to Qatar Riyals 277/-.  Qatari Riyals exceeding the amount will be confiscated / seized and the traveller will be kept under remand for questioning and will even be produced in court.


  • It prohibits foreign travelers to carry any electronic devices / equipment, gift items, alcoholic drinks and cigarettes exceeding the amount for personal consumption or use.